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Please check back soon for 2022 grants list


The Trust awarded 180 health & welfare grants totaling $466,894.

Children Embracing in Circle

The Trust awarded 112 camperships grants totaling $220,440.

Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth

The Trust awarded 20 oral health grants totaling $48,500.

Dental Health Initiative


In 2016, the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust established a dental health initiative in recognition of Hon. Gary W. Boyle of Littleton, NH, retired and former Judge of the Grafton County Probate Court and 2nd Circuit-Probate Division in Haverhill, NH. Attorney Boyle presided over the review of the annual accounting of the Agnes M. Lindsay Trust since the early 1980’s and until his retirement in 2014. Through the years at the Trust hearings, Attorney Boyle expressed concern for the “lack of access to dental health for low-income children and adults with special needs and other vulnerabilities who lack the voice to be heard.”  The Trustees will continue this dental initiative in 2020.

Circular Library

The Trust awarded 9 educational/scholarship grants totaling $140,000.00.

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